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Back in January we touched base with freestyle motocross rider, Bruce Cook. After exchanging emails back and forth, figuring out logistics, we found ourselves at the foot of Blackcomb covering Bruce's story.

Throughout our careers we’ve covered some pretty inspirational moments, but this one takes the cake. Bruce’s story is about strength, determination and positivity.

I just want to get back on the bike and put all those fears aside..

The event happened during the Nitro Circus Live show in Hamilton, Ontario on January 3rd, 2014. Chrilleks' team members witnessed the horrific incident from the front row.. literally. The show had us on the edge of our seats the whole time, and when they announced that a double front flip would be attempted, our hearts dropped. 

The life changing impact left everybody in the arena standing still as it became very real. Doctors told Bruce he will probably never walk again, let alone ride his bike..

When we sat down with Bruce he simply replied.. "that’s just their opinion.."

For the average person it's hard to imagine why anyone would ever want to jump back on the same machine that threw such a curve ball in their life.

..but Bruce couldn't wait, he wanted to be reunited asap.

Bruce is the type of person to keep trying no matter what obstacle is thrown at him. The word "can't" isn't in his vocabulary, and just makes the best of every moment.  ..even the awkward ones. :) 
He pokes fun at himself and his situation, teaching all of us not to take life too seriously. 

Hours after his accident Bruce reached out to his followers mentioning how thankful he was for all the love and support that was given. Soon after he created the hashtag.. 


-A positive social media movement that encourages people to smile.
At any moment you can look up the hashtag and feel a great deal of joy and inspiration. 
The vision in his head will stop at nothing, focused and dialed in, there's no stopping this guy. 
Thank you Bruce, Kudos!

"Due to the nature of Bruce's sport and not being covered by disability insurance. The expenses Bruce and his family will incur as a result of his injuries will be substantial and ongoing."

If you would like to help you can donate here:
Photos donated By Bruce, Chrilleks Productions Inc. does not own them. Special thanks to Brian I for the impact video.