Chances are you’ve seen his work, whether or not you're in the action sport world. 
He’s one of the creative genius’ behind one of the biggest brands in action sport. This month’s Kudos..


DC SHOE Films Producer

Insta: @chrisrayfilms  |  Twitter: @chrisrayfilms  | 

 Chris' latest wheel with Bones.

Chris' latest wheel with Bones.

We first met Chris at the Street League stop in Los Angeles during Saturday’s practice. Having some down time, we shot the breeze in between tricks, comparing stories about film, skate and well.. everything in between. It was like catching up with an old friend. As people passed by, Chris didn’t hesitate to introduce us, meeting brand managers and skaters like Cole, Huston, and Taylor -just a few heavy hitters. 

Later that night we ended up shooting the interview for the Kudos piece just outside our hotel. Shortly after wrap, Chris pulled out his laptop and began finishing up an edit for GoPro, a solid day in the books. 


Chris invited us out to DC Shoes’ HQ in Huntington for a shoot he had lined up. Before heading out he gave us a quick tour of DC’s facility. Dealing with California traffic we had to head out sooner rather than later,
so we jumped in the DC Team van and headed south.

In our moments of chatting with Ray he kept telling us that the most important thing to him, is that one day his son gets to do what he loves, because he was so fortunate to do so. He told us a story about his old boss from a part time warehouse job that he had back in the day. Every day Chris would constantly talk about creating videos and opening up a skate shop.

Nissan / DC Collaboration that Chris had his hand into.

One day his boss had enough, sat him down and had a chat with him. His boss challenged him to create a business proposal, and if he thought that Chris’ skateshop idea was strong enough, he would be an investor. Fast forward a few days, Chris came back with research, pitched his plan and hoped for the best. The boss replied.. “is a skateshop the dream? or is filming the dream?”

It was that push that Chris needed. Sometimes in life you need that person to lay it out for you. -that wake-up call. Chris was obviously thrown back. Filming skateboarding for a career was a dream.. but he stepped up, and took it upon himself to get out there and make it happen.

He became known for his pin-point locations all over the map of hidden skate spots. During local skate demos he would disclose the locations to the pro’s, just to get his foot in the door. 
Word got around and sure enough, Chris was following the best in skate with a VX in hand.


Without a doubt Chris appreciates the past and present. Where he came from is what makes him the person he is today, he just wants to pay it forward, he can now give that push to someone else. He’s gained the respect by everyone that surrounds him, yet still wants to lend a hand. People like him are hard to come by these days. A great father, a mentor, a creative individual, and a leader. -There’s really no stopping this guy, much respect Chris.


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-The Chrilleks Team-

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