The kid in me is still going strong. Even tho I’m 25 years young, I occasionally find myself in pain from yesterdays activities while waking up in the morning. 25… yep, haha.. Roll your eyes. 

As I continue to grow, I always find myself looking back on previous experiences for better understanding. This post is about 3 skills that I thought I would never take with me over the years. Looking back, I now realize why and will be forever thankful.

#1 Tetris.


I’ve always played this game growing up, and it’s paying off each and every day.
With film you always find yourself on the move, from location to location.
It could be anything from the east end of the studio to the west end of the globe.
Hiking up cliffs or catching your next flight. Packing is key on all levels in film. You need to know how to pack properly.
Thank you Mr. Tetris.

#2 Meccano.


This toy company taught me the basics of nuts n bolts as a kid.
Building the camera from the ground up you come across many nuts n bolts.
From mounting motors to rigging cameras on pretty much anything this was an important one.
Thanks Meccano.

#3 Penmanship.

My mother was a teacher for 26+ years. Watched over me
like a hawk doing homework every school night, making
me constantly erase and re-write everything, because it wasn’t neat enough.
I never knew handwriting could come in handy so much later on.
From labelling cards, to slates, to writing thank you notes. Thank you Mom.

..and Dad.