West to East, North to South Nixon Blaster, always, any environment, any condition. 
Chuck It Ball for yours truly.. Tosia. Avocados, slice on anything and everything. Canon L Series Shot Glasses (28-135mm) perfect range :) Chrilleks custom frankenstein board equipped with Indy's and swiss bearings. Black and White Chrilleks Tee's, always good to have a few packed away to switch up. Business cards -tucked away in our pockets.  Cards Against Humanity -such a terrible / wonderful game to enjoy with friends. Official Chrilleks Dog Head + Standard Logo stickers - incase you want to tag, toss out, or spread the love. Nurf Gun. - For zen moments and brainstorming with the team. Extra ammo, of course.. a must. Go Pro, a fun tool. From work to play. -have em handy. 
-Chrilleks Team