Aleks and I come from very strong families, both mothers and fathers did what they had to do to raise a family.

Our families always taught us to work hard for it, and that’s probably the main reason why the Chrilleks machine maintains a strong and steady rotation.
As we grow older in age you gain a lot more experience and outlook on life. Growing up, you’re funnelled into idolizing celebrities, actors and even local talent that found on your TV.

But with age, I quickly found out that it’s really my own father that I idolize. Coming from nothing, it really teaches you lessons along the way.
Yes, you appreciate things much more, but it’s the simple fact that our mothers and fathers really had no choice.
They had to do what they had to do, just to get by, let alone having their hopes and dreams accomplished.
It was the true life hustle, and there was no Plan B.

Success comes in many forms, to some it’s fame, others money, but to our fathers it was building a family, the right way.
The foundation that our dads built allowed our mother do do things they enjoy, which then allows the children to do what they enjoy.
What our families built for us, really gave us a solid platform to build on. A platform that allowed us to make our passions into careers, which lead us to creating something beautiful, Chrilleks.
They taught us to work hard and treat people right, when it's time to play, have a blast and really enjoy it.

Aleks and I didn’t have any connections into the film industry, none. But by learning to take leadership from our fathers, it allowed us to climbed the ladder in a different way. It gave us a boost from the rest, because our fathers showed us what hard work was like. Our fathers showed us how to speak to people and treat them properly. Learning these traits at a young age allowed Aleks and I to excel. We quickly climbed the ladder, reached our goals and exceeded expectations. We were making bigger goals while completing our current goals. Keep in mind there were downfalls, slips along the way and few hurt feelings.. but our fathers were always there to catch us and get us back up to speed.

After all, we chose our path, they didn’t have a choice. In many ways you take the hard road because it allows for better experience, authenticity, and makes for some great stories. But behind all that, we do it to carry out their legacy, to pursue passions on behalf of them.
They always were there to let us dream of what makes us happy, to work towards it, and even push limits. And were always there to put us in our place at the right times.

For the sake of this post, this was aimed towards our dads for Fathers Day, but in hindsight it was a tag team of Mom and Dad who shaped us who we are today.
Thank you Dads, we appreciate it everyday, and will never be able to pay you back.

-Chris, Chrilleks Team.