We first off want to thank Cinevate for posting our story via www.cinevate.com
Its a really warm feeling when you see your story posted on a really well known website in the film making community.
Thanks guys, we appreciate it!


Cinevate is fully owned and operated within Canada and we couldn't be more proud of that! Going back to the roots! So.. here's a break down when it comes to shooting. There are a lot of important aspects in film making. Your tools, being one of the top. They are one of the most important pieces of the puzzle, people usually get caught up in the "toys" too much and focus on that more than the job at hand.. Thanks internet. :)

You're usually always on the move, put in harsh conditions, and have limited space or time. It's a "I need it now, get outta my way" mentality. There's always some problem that needs a work around or to be figured out. Film making is honestly, 50% problem solving. So having the proper
gear is key. Using Cinevate's tools, there is no problem.
The tools have been built by film makers, so they know whats up.

One story that sticks out, was when we were shooting "Lactate Threshold"  The day before shooting we got the call saying our slider came in. I picked it up and 8hrs later began to shoot with it. That day was one of the worst conditions we've shot in. So much rain.. (and yet nobody would even know, thanks to our sound mixing.) The clouds opened up and didn't stop. There were multiple trips to our gear and back to location. Switching lenses, swapping mags, grabbing the baby sticks, and what have you.

The sliders have a groove built into their design, as you would have if you cupped your hand. This groove collects water, dirt, dust and anything else thrown into it -which caused the rain water to build up and pool. I literally saw the slider over flowing with water, thinking to myself, "Oh man, this thing is 8 hours old, and I'm already ruining it.." Cursing between takes, and always keeping a close eye on it. Rain bags were too far to trek it back to home base, and well.. the day called for 30% chance of rain, we took a chance.. the forecast said 30% chance with 1mm of rain, there was NOT 1mm of rain, haha. We took a chance, and lost the bet.. We wrapped the day after spending a good chunk of it in the rain, drove back home and literally hosed our muddy gear down. At this time we were 2hrs outside of where we shot, so the sun was out. Our gear was the worst I've seen, soaked, muddy, you name it. It looked harsh.. We washed everything down and 30mins later all dried up and stored away.

I kept a close eye on any rust build up on the slider, every so often after that. -nothing. This was the first piece of gear that I literally was shocked on how well it held up. To this day I take it out in the harshest conditions, and don't mind getting the shot I want. I know it can hold its own, for the price point you're getting the best professional gear possible. And that trust as a film maker, is one of the best feelings. - knowing that nothing can really destroy it. It's 100% Canadian, 100% legit. I would buy into Cinevate any day. - They didn't pay me to say this either. I'm just a very happy customer, thanks Cinevate.

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