Chrilleks. 3 years today. Officially, haha.

The progress truly amazes me, it’s a great feeling when looking back and see what you’ve accomplished, and the people backing you.

The bails, drops and falls were all worth it along the way, -still are. As you grow you tend to forget about them, perhaps less prone to them as well.

We’ve put countless hours into the Chrilleks machine, and the heart is beating better than ever before.

To some, the number 3 may come up short, but behind that number, many others prevail.

-How many pieces has Chrilleks shot?

-How many lessons were learned?

-Better yet, how many of those experiences did you enjoy?

We really have gained a tremendous amount of experience along the way, a blend of work & life.
Our resumes build, along with our personalities. You learn much more about yourself by doing your own thing. You get to experiment, work hard and have choice. 3 years is just on paper, but Aleks and I started much more before that number. Between travel, shooting, and working along side with talented friends, there really doesn’t have to be much more than that.

Its great to look back from time to time, take a breath, then drop right back in.
The failure is real and boy does it sting, but at the end of the day you’ve earned that beer.

Cheers Chrilleks, Happy Birthday.