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We are proud sponsors of Blue Mountain’s Met Con Blue Adventure Race and the 2014 mud race is just around the corner. We are extremely excited and antsy because for the third year in a row we have been asked to come back and shoot! We have been working with Met Con Blue as sponsors since day one creating their official recap videos. ..but this year we wanted to find out more about the creators of this body aching 5km (and now also 10km) mud race. So we chatted a little with John Smeh, one of the original creators of Met Con Blue. John, from the start was pretty optimistic about the adventure race catching on with the general public “we have a great product, great support/partners, and the best venue in Ontario!”

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In the first ever Met Con Blue race hundreds of people from the ages 14 and older participated in the event. The feedback was so great that fallowing the 2012 mud race participant numbers grew by thousands. Met Con Blue has turned into a true success, quickly becoming one of Blue Mountain's biggest event but you won’t hear humble John say that out loud “We don't think about it being big, we are just excited that everyone is having fun.” And fun they are having because honestly how could crawling through trenches, hanging above cold water from monkey bars and jumping into mudd not be fun?!? But what sparked this idea? “We had participated in two other obstacle/mud races and thought,"hey, this would be amazing in our own backyard at Blue Mountain Resort!" These types of races seem to be very popular and in some shape or form very similar but this Canadian born mud race stays different thanks to “A combination of researching other events, and using our own past career experience with timber construction and engineering.” John adds “It's an event for everyone and we continue to evolve the event yearly with new courses and obstacles” BUT remember you aren’t just racing to get muddy you are actually raising money for a cause and every year is different.

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In the past Met Con Blue raised money for Soldier On, an organization close to John’s heart “We had a friend, Sgt. Jaime MacIntyre, who was a recipient  of adaptive sporting equipment provided by Soldier On. When we were introduced to all he had accomplished with their support, it was an obvious fit!” And every year you will see Sgt. Jaime Maclntyre taking part in the event. John, feels that the event itself is such a great experience for him that he is filled with memories “There has been so many, like when our Emcee Trish Stratus did the countdown for the first race and sent off our first wave of MCB recruits, our first promo video…so many!But ultimately it is the faces of the participants as they cross the finish line. The sense of accomplishment for each of them is such a great feeling, providing this type of event resonates through the heart of MCB headquarters.” Chrilleks has been lucky enough to have the opportunity to continue coming back and record some of those memories. But this MCB team doesn’t just stop at the finish line they also train the “NHL officials Association every fall at Blue Mountain Resort for their annual conference as well as local hockey camps for Collingwood, Wasaga Beach, and Stayner Minor Hockey Association.” 

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