\\The Brand. The Image. The creative and spunk. It’s us.

Our team has always been cut from a different cloth, from our style to the way we operate. -Everything about Chrilleks Productions Inc is unique from the rest.

Since day one we knew that we wanted to create stunning visuals, and perhaps make an impact. What we didn’t know is that it would turn into something beautiful. At the early stages our team began brainstorming. -dished out a few ideas and saw what stuck. Chrilleks Productions Inc. was the leader. The perfect blend of creative and business. It consisted of two very strong names, Christopher and Aleksandra. Names that can hold their own yet be abbreviated for quicker response.

Chrilleks Productions Inc. -A name that fits every piece of the puzzle. Close to the heart and always has your back. Solid foundation, and quick on the feet. Couldn’t be more proud.

-Let’s get out into the wild.