Our team found ourselves in the heart of Manhattan a couple weeks back. -Met up some familiar faces and jumped right in.

New York City is one of our favourite places, mostly because you can literally come across anything and everything.  -The capital of the world in our books. The diversity is so complex that it’s often over looked. From skyscrapers to small boutiques, suits to local artists found on the streets. It’s a trip.. every single time. Going from destination to destination you quickly find yourself surrounded by all types of environments. And many elements are often overlooked. Every person that you pass by has their own unique story, every shop has their own niche, and every person is on a different mission.

Between destinations we found a few artists painting an ad for the latest GTA. If this was any other type of billboard we would have barley looked and kept on trekking. It caught our eye, so we had to stop and pay our respects. I think it’s a really great concept for companies who want to promote their product. Sure, it’s easier to print, slap on some glue on and move on.. but there’s no authenticity with that process. The marketers really caught our attention on this one. If you really look at it, we stopped, snapped a few shots and are even writing about it on our site. Even after we left we found another group stopping and take a few photos as well. The word can spread that much farther when you go that much further.

These massive backdrops usually go unnoticed. Most of these ad’s fall alongside massive buildings and are so well done that you think they are giant printed ad’s, but really are hand painted. We were lucky enough to have it right in front of our eyes, so we could stop and appreciate the work that was put in. As soon as we arrived back home, we started to write about the craft, took a minute to browse twitter and this video popped up.

It was a moment that we wanted to share, the smallest event of the trip, yet it’s one that stuck our the most.

Success comes in many volumes, but if you’re doing what you love…
..you’re already there.

We’ll be back New York, hang tight.