In Loving Memory of Sarah Jones, 1986 – 2014.



The Passing of Sarah Jones, 27, has rattled the film industry, including us. Although we never had the pleasure of meeting Sarah this on hit close to home because both, Chris & Aleks started in the industry as camera assistants just like Sarah. On February 20th 2014 Sarah Elizabeth Jones was on set of ‘Midnight Rider’ a biopic of musician Gregg Allman filming a dream sequence on the train tracks when an unexpected third train hit a mattress being used for the film on the tracks. Flying debris injured numerous crew and took the life 27-year-old camera assistant. This story hit the hearts of many in the film industry. Anyone on who has ever worked on set can tell you they’ve heard “anything for the shot” millions of times, but after Sarah's passing the industry began seriously re-thinking it’s phrase to “safety first” Many cameramen and women can tell you that they’ve been put into unsafe circumstances, but were too afraid to speak up, this doesn’t seem to be the cause anymore. We hope that crew members no matter what department take what happen to Sarah as an eye opener… if you ever feel unsafe on set SPEAK UP!

Since the start of Chrilleks, we understand  that we would be hiring on crew and we would never put them in unsafe situations, but for Sarah we promise to triple check everything and make sure crew understands and asks questions.

Sarah Jone’s death happened just a few days before the 86th Academy Awards. Tens of thousands filmmakers around the world began writing messages for Sarah on their slates and posting the photos on a Facebook tribute page “Slates For Sarah” with an incredible sixty thousand likes(and growing) This team of supporters tried to have Sarah Jones mention in the Oscar Memoriam video and asked filmmakers to wear a black ribbon in her honor. Although Sarah didn’t make the memorian video she did recive a lower third image before the award show went to commercial. Sarah’s photo was also added to the 2014 Oscar Memoriam online gallery.

Our hearts go out to Sarah’s friends and family and to all those who knew her and had the pleasure of knowing her.

Love, Chrilleks Team #slatesforsarah



Photo of Sarah Elizabeth Jones in the 2014 Oscar Memoriam gallery



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Photos courtesy of Slates for Sarah Facebook page