Another tool in the box for the film makers. The Movi.

First off, I want to thank the everyone over at Sim Digital for allowing us to play around. -Thank you. The internet tends to hype up the latest tech out there, so we wanted to check the M10 out for ourselves. This post is just simply our thoughts on the new tool and tech behind it, no official review, only here to share our thoughts.


Our first take on the Movi was pretty good, we like it.
I was definitely expecting a lot more flaws in the system, but most are already covered.
This tool does involve prep, but once you cover that stage you’ll soon to be flyin. We maxed out the payload by rigging an Epic with a (PL) Prime.

Majority of the rigs we’ve seen out there have been using lighter set ups. (DSLR’s w/ CP2’s, or stills due to weight.) The quality of those lenses just aren’t there for us, so we decided to mount it the proper way. We rigged up the battery brick for juice and ran a BNC for monitoring. Once mounted, balanced, and calibrated you’re good to go. We had the option of rigging motors, but chose not to. Tried a matte box, but there was no chance. (Although we have seen rigs out there with them) We’ve come across people gaffing 6x6’s and 4x5’s on the lens, but thats a game that we aren’t playing.. haha By rigging an Epic, prime, and motors you really are maxing out the payload. You’ll feel it after a full day of shooting.

We shot a few clips while testing to show you the capabilities of the tool.
Many are blown away by the technology and how neat it is, but gimbals have been around for quite sometime.

The advantage with the Movi is that your given that independent control in your hands, making operators more confident in their shots.
-Kudos to Freefly, the creators for thinking outside the box on this one. At first I was worried that the Movi would be knocking out the steadicam, but when you start to operate you quickly find out it’s a whole other ball game. -Theres definitely an art to operating and co-ordinating is definitely involved.

Overall it really is a unique tool that I do see myself using in the years to come.
I am excited to see what NAB 2014 has to offer with upgrades and next editions tho, should be fun!