“…skateboarding’s a lot bigger than pros or tricks or quadruple kinks. It’s about the laughs, the wierdos, the costumes and the kids-
-and everything else you run into on the highway of stoke. It’s about your life. And it’s worth remembering”
-Michael Burnett


Go Skate Day.

Possibly the best day of the year. -Yes, better than Christmas. We can only hope you’re reading this on your smart phone at the skatepark. -taking a break.
Skateboarding has definitely taught myself a thing or two over the years, and that’s why I continue to involve it in my life.

I’ve always kept it close and to be honest, it will never leave me. Growing up having skating there, was the best thing to happen to me.
It kept you active, and at the same time it allowed you to explore and create. There was no jersey or added requirements like you would find with team sports.
And best of all, it created style at a young age. It was outta the norm, which made things unique.

Skating displayed a variety of styles & genres through-out the skate community. -which as a young kid, gave you choice early on.
It also kept things fun and enjoyable where as other elements in your life weren’t as exciting.

There are definitely times where you just want to shut down and escape. -just for a night, possibly for a couple of hours. You pick that board up and just cruise.
With ourselves as young adults, we tend to have this constant push for success, the art of wanting more.
A rotation that you’re tied into full-time. Things get serious with careers, decisions, even relationships.
Skateboarding offers that safe zone, the escape thats well needed.

Skateboarding is an effective way to make people feel excited and happy, and that still stands today.
I often find myself grabbing my board, flying down streets because it’s a refresher, the escape thats well needed.

It brings you back to childhood, something that I find most people are missing these days.

Happy Skate Day.
Chris, The Chrilleks Team.