ten tree first caught our eye while watching CBC’s Dragons Den. -A show that allows people to pitch their business propositions in hopes their ideas are interesting enough for one of the dragons to give them "X" amount of dollars to see their dreams come true. The show reaches out to 1.5 million, so you can imagine the stakes. They scored a deal with not only one, but two dragons! Watch the deal go down HERE.

For every tentree product purchased they plant ten trees. 


"Book a Ticket and Just Leave" Those are words that Kalen Emsley lives by; after all that is how tentree started.

Kalen was sending messages to his close friend, Dave who was exploring Hawaii. Admiring Dave's adventures from a computer screen Kalen decided to hop on the next flight and join him. Both, in love with mother nature's masterpiece, Kalen and Dave brainstormed on how they can give back and create something to help our environment.

The idea of tentree was born. 

“We plant ten trees for every item purchased -- that makes us unique. We started off wanting to help the environment, not making clothing -- that gives us our competitive advantage. We are true environmentalists in and out of the office. If we were just in this for the money, people would see through that which is where a lot of eco brands have failed”

Planting trees in 12 different countries across the globe. tentree hopes to become the most eco conscious environmental apparel brand in the world. Kalen says, “We plan to do more reforestation than any other company.” Above all, their employment model allows them to alleviate poverty in thousands of villages across the world as they hire local villagers to plant and grow the forests.  

Two weeks before the massive Nepal earthquake, the tentree team worked with local planting crews to set up for their first planting site in the country.  Immediately after the earthquake struck, tentree dedicated to plant the trees from all their products purchased from the month of May.

They will not only help restore the fallen trees from the after-shock landslides, but also provide extra employment for our local planting crews on the ground whose homes have been damaged.

We've been fans since we first heard about them. Helping the environment in a fresh new way is really inspiring to us. It's great what they are accomplishing, we need more brands like them. 

We're extremely excited and honoured to be working alongside tentree. Watch our latest social media content we produced for this incredible brand.