Joe & Co. is a global network of social media disruptors and content marketers and we couldn't be more happier to partner with a team that wants to shake things up in the content world. 

“Storytelling is key to making a great brand. How we tell the story has changed and our model continues to evolve.” says Joe Szabo, Founder of Joe & Co.
— Joe Szabo

This new partnership allows Joe & Co. to deliver a higher degree of production excellence to their service offering. "With Chrilleks, we can produce way more content faster, cheaper that's way more strategic” says Szabo.

This model typically involves multiple vendors with different processes and reporting structures. It can take days to get the data in order for a creative agency to react. Clients can’t wait. Many are becoming increasingly impatient and experimenting with new models to run their programs. 

Chrilleks has the rigour and capabilities to produce hundreds of videos at breath taking speed. They recently completed 114 videos in English and French in less than 6 weeks for Canadian Tire.

Many of Joe & Co. clients are moving toward an in-house model, with internal centres of excellence for content, production, analytics and media. We see this trend continuing to happen. 


Our clients put a level of trust in us because we’re saying what everyone is saying — let the people who engage with your content do the heavy lifting. Only now we can produce more of that content, review the data, and fine tune the story based on how audiences are reacting.
Most marketers look at this model and ask themselves “Why isn’t our partner producing the same calibre of work in the time and resources we give them?”
— Aleksandra Lason, VP of Production at Chrilleks
This is one of those partnerships that formed organically. We were like “Hey, you’re doing some great stuff. We have to find a way to work together.
— Joe Szabo