"Kids these days.." Generations have been at each others throats since day one.. They barely understand each other, yet they both think they're living' life right. -we all know the story and it’s only getting worse with technology at the forefront. Or so we think...

Snapchat allows you to interact on a whole new level, their level.
The kids level.

“Read the newspaper, watch the news, get informed.” You hear it all the time from our elders. Listen, by the time you try and teach the youth about that, they’re already reading a funny meme about what just happened overseas. Which in return, gets the kids to research what the joke is about, making them informed about whats happening in the world.

The older generation needs to understand that things have changed. Not changing. Changed. For the better. Television, Newspapers, Magazines, are all changing to different formats. Getting informed these days happens in a pinch. Take snapchat for example. A simple and fun app that blew right up. 

Snapchat is an app that allows you to send photos & video to your friends. What makes it unique is that you're only allowed to view the photo or video for a brief amount of time. Other than that *POOF* it's gone, so act quick!

400 million snapchats are sent a day.

But theres more to it than just sending and receiving between friends. When you swipe left a whole new world can be explored. The stories section of the app not only allows you to tap into new worlds, but also see them live. Experiences like, finding out the score to the big game, and seeing it live from the users perspective, allowing you to be apart of the experience, instantly.

You can submit your own clips for the world to see. The discover section lets you discover new events that are held across the globe. One minute you’ll be in Estonia, seeing daily life, the next in Washington, D.C. for the million man march. First person views with all types of cultures from actual locals. 

When the youth get excited about something there's no stopping the learning. They instantly get hungry and want more. Instead of watching the news, and seeing what "the media" is showing you. You’re allowed to see it real time, no bull.

Snapchat’s logo is named Ghostface Chillah, based on Ghostface Killah of the Wu-Tang Clan.

A section that features top pop culture brands like VICE, CNN, Cosmopolitan, MTV, National Geographic, Mashable, People and Food Network. You can literally send recipes, news, and sports to anyone at anytime. When you jump into one of these brands, they have ads that play that you can forward to buddies if you think it’s cool enough. Come on, people avoid commercials on TV and with Snapchat you’re wanting to share them.


Another cool element from the Snapchat team is that they listen, something that the NEW generation takes into consideration. 

Elements like: Videos won’t get ruined by the giant “VOLUME” icon when adjusting volume levels. New volume bars are placed at the top of your screen, not blocking the video that’s currently playing. And one click continuously played videos. They aren’t afraid of change, they embrace it, they allow the end user feel like they’re part of the team. 

I travel the world, and go all over with my team. ..But I’m more stoked on grabbing new snapchat filters rather than passport stamps at this stage. It’s engaging, fun, fast, instantly in your hands with no distractions. Best of all, anyone can do it.

Just shoot / send / and tag.   -Oh wait.. Where have I heard that before? :)

With the use of unlimited emjoii’s, badges to collect, the fear of missing out, and a team that listens to the people, Snapchat has our generation hooked. Engaging with new cultures, in a way that the youth can relate to. Nothing beats it. Thats it.

-Chris Grubisa, Creative Director, Chrilleks Productions Inc.