With this downward spiral of TV dying out, no one really knows what's going to happen..
Networks are hanging by a thread, while the internet holds the knife.

People don’t need TV anymore.

It’s a blessing being within that 20 - 35yr old age bracket, where we’re almost running the show at this point.. We know what we wanna watch and how to watch it. Everyone else is so f-cking confused it’s hilariously exhausting at times.

With having a profession in media production the state of not knowing which platform to take can often be risky..  

..but fun and rewarding at times.

It’s very innovative for us creatives. A few years back there were only 2 avenues, broadcast & theatre release. That was it. Now, with the internet offering so many options, it’s phenomenal. Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat aside.. 

I’m able to produce content for huge networks and brands and be recognized for it.

Are you kidding me!?  

Just check out what The Emmy’s did for Digital Content.
Oh, and what YouTube is doing to help out! -forward thinking. Yes! Yes!

It's a whole new ball game, that levels out the playing field! We're stoked!
And YouTube isn't stopping there.. They're going the extra mile and helping out even more! 


It’s all about growing.
And if you’re not moving forward.. you’ll be left behind.