Our flight path was quite simple, LAX to PHX to BUF.
Just as we were landing into Phoenix, we received word that our next flight was canceled due to crummy weather in Buffalo.

Stranded in Phoenix. Find a rep, talk options.

Southwest did what they could and threw us on the next possible flight, which was leaving Phoenix at 4pm, the time we were supposed to land in Buffalo, aaaaannnnnd you're going to be stopping in Baltimore first, then land in Buffalo. Quick math, we would arrive in Buffalo around 1:30am. 

Deeeeelaaaayyy. There goes that meeting.. jump on a call, email, & reschedule the calendars.

After a minute of chatting, seeking our options & planning an exit route, we decided to swap airlines, jump on another flight direct to Toronto, call it a day.

We did just that.



..but our bags didn’t follow us, they were on the next flight to Buffalo. Full of camera gear, equipment, personal belongings. - Kinda an un-easy feeling when your livelihood and other personal items aren’t really near you, but we’ve dealt with worse.. so sure why not.

We landed in Toronto, and I immediately called Buffalo Airport to hunt for our bags, which led us down an un-confident route: “uhhh” - hung up with no answer.

2mins later, still un-easy, Southwest called. Touched base, found our bags, and started to track them. 5mins later I got another call from Southwest confirming the bags location. - In flight, landing shortly.

3 hrs later, Southwest called once more, they got em', sleep easy, we’ll touch base tmrw morning. I woke up the next morning to a call, telling me where to pick them up, giving me a personal point of contact, where to go once I arrived at baggage pick-up.

Picked them up.



What we took from this experience was Southwest’s model of business. Their word, commitment and dedication through-out this whole experience came full circle.

They assured us, nothing was lost, everything was taken care of, they even refunded us the canceled flights, even tho it was out of everyones hands. No credit, full money back. - Business done right. 

They gave us the full treatment, two young customers, making us feel like rockstars.

The fact that they were in constant communication, made everything fluid, they had our trust. reflects our trust for future flights. It made myself and Aleks rest easy, to focus on what we are here for, a hectic week of production, meetings, etc.. allowed no disruption to our schedules, to OUR business.

And going the extra length, with getting our full money back.


As a business owner, I take a HUGE amount from this.

Half of our readers that clicked on this probably haven’t even read this far into this post. - Precisely my point.

Give a damn.

Give a damn on what you do. - That's something we've been doing since day one at Chrilleks. I'm glad to see other companies, Mega or small, with similar qualities, because there's a lot out there that suck. ALOT.

Another perspective: A bump in the road, a small situation, a typical traveler would oversee, perhaps even get angered, frustrated, even stress over. Yet we walked from this experience with a lesson, learning from it.

If Southwest, a massive company, went that far for me, I'll be happy to make the trip out again, and use them on future flights, not only for myself, but my crews that we fly out all over. We fly dozens of airlines, not too many care this much, and it shows. It always shows. It's something that I want to pay forward in my business, to my clients.

The positive way allows you to grow. 
There’s hidden lessons in every experience, it’s your choice to choose how you want to walk away from it.

Thank you Southwest for allowing us to move right along.

-Chris Grubisa, President and Executive Creative Director, Chrilleks Productions.