Crankworx 2014 // Whistler, BC.

Whoa! It’s been real. 

Currently writing this at our gate before take off, because our scheduling didn’t allow us for much down time, so it’s gunna be a quick one!

We want to thank freestyle motocross rider and Nitro Circus family member, Bruce Cook for shooting and hangin with us. We’ll be showcasing Bruce in our Kudos Series in the coming weeks. And won’t say too much -you’re just going to have to wait and see the final cut! 

What we will say tho is that Bruce is hands down the most positive person we have ever met. Winning by a land slide, his mindset is on point and focused. The word “can’t” isn’t in his vocabulary. His outlook on life is real and the passion reflects. When the KUDOS goes live we hope you can too.

For more info on Bruce and his story, stay connected within the Chrilleks networks, and visit to help donate.


Experiencing this event first hand was truly somethin’ else. RedBull’s Joy Ride was definitely the headliner of the Crankworx events. With a massive turnout, the crowd quickly got behind the riders and the electricity gained momentum. -these guys went hard. The riders making it look really simple to stick their landing on these 20ft gaps. 

After we mellowed down from Joyride, we flew up Blackcomb and snapped some wild shots, this country is a beautiful one, glad we trekked it out.


Choppers, cable cams, the industries best, it was a full tilt in Whistler. Check out the gallery below for even bigger drops!  

Having a few meetings at the foot didn't hurt as well. -Future projects, pints, & jokes thrown in between. -From the landscape to the people -a solid trip in the books indeed. 

-We'll be back, See yah soon BC.