Here’s a series of videos we produced for Glacier Southern Lakes Heli. The four videos showcase the many flight packages they offer. For shooting purposes, we experienced, a mixture of the flight packages, regardless of what package you choose you will definitely be in awe. The landscapes are truly somethin’ else. We touched down on snow and beach within the 1st hour of flight, allowing us to experience the full spectrum of New Zealand's south island right off the bat. Our pilot filled us in on local spots, and places where many haven’t been. Since we were shooting from the heli we were considered “commercial flight” which allowed us to fly in areas where most cannot. - The perfect treat for grabbing fresh footage. 

Our pilot's friend lived right off Skippers Canyon. While shooting in the canyon, we did a couple of pass throughs until we got the shot. After grabbing what we needed, we turned back around to head home, only to see his friend raising his beer from his backyard. A perfect way to end the week.

Enjoy! :D