Heidi Ehlers is The Career Coach for The Creative Class offering 16+ packages to make you the best at what you do. The special part about Heidi Consults 2.0 is the team which she hand picked to help you create the business or career of your dreams. Not only will you receive her help and guidance, you will now be able to go a step further with some additional help. Whether it means designing a new logo, building a new website, selling your work or product, writing your speech, and of course video content services! Heidi Consults is now a one stop shop providing you preferred access to a suite of services that any business or career needs. 

Chrilleks Productions is extremely proud to be a part of the Heidi Consults Super Group! This means that if you choose to work with Heidi you will receive a 10% discount when hiring Chrilleks Productions though Heidi's program.

This is HUGE! Heidi Consults bootcamp programs work 100% - trust us we tested it ourselves! Partnering up with Heidi is allowing us to give back to the creative community!
— Aleksandra Lason, VP & Executive In Charge of Production at Chrilleks Productions