Our team was challenged by Notch Video to develop and produce a high-intensity promo for Mission Cooling Towels – Eduracool. This high energy, engaging piece had to center around New York Islanders’ John Tavares.

With a long list of versatile athletes such as Serena Williams, Jimmie Johnson and Steve Nash we were beyond excited to educate Canadians about the cooling towel and its properties as well as introduce Canada’s very own John Tavares as a Mission sponsored athlete.

We were eager to work with the Chrilleks team; their creativity and charisma is exactly the type of vibe we love working around on productions. Both Aleks and Chris were awesome on set, quick to address all feedback in post and ultimately created something beautiful. Our eagerness to work with them is only stronger after this experience. Highly recommend!
— Notch Video Team

To activate this innovative technology you have to wet the towel, wring out the excess water and SNAP it. Snapping circulates the air and moisture around the fabric which creates the cooling factor. The fabric will stay cool for 2 hours after it’s wet, to reactivate, just SNAP.

After working so closely with Mission’s Enduracool towel we became fascinated with this chemical free, portable cooling technology.

We take this towel everywhere our cameras go, a quick cool off helps immensely when dealing with different environments on a daily basis.
— Chris Grubisa, Creative Director Chrilleks Productions Inc.


Behind the Scenes photos: