NYC. The beast. The capital of the world as far as we're concerned.
Been many times, each time better then the last, but this experience.. this ones marked up top on the "Chrilleks list of stoke". 

We linked up with our friends at NYonAir, and took flight over the heart of the city during our recent stay.

It's great to get raw and gritty within the streets of New York, but seeing the cityscape from above really puts things into perspective. Not to mention your feet are dangling out the helicopter, fully open with no doors, and pushing about 100+ clicks into the wind that's coming off the Hudson. -Yeah, this ones not for the faint hearted. We've shot from helis before, but this one got the blood moving. Charging towards Manhattan 30ft above the Hudson River, then surpassing the height of the Freedom Tower, it's something else, better than any roller coaster out there.

Brooklyn Bridge behind us, Manhattan Bridge below, Headed Up Town! 

That being said tho.. you quickly lose grasp with the sites being so mesmerizing. The flight allowed us to see how intricate the city really is, takes you a step backwards and allows you to appreciate. ..Also allows you to take some pretty epic foot selfies too. :)

All jokes aside, we had a blast and highly recommend it! If you're in need of prints, feel free to contact us at and we can set sumthin' up!

Visit for more info.
Thanks again guys, we appreciate it very much!