By far the craziest action sport video to date. -are you kidding me!? Moto and Surf never blended so well, actually it never blended until now. Last night our team attended the premiere of
Robbie Maddison’s x DC Shoes’ “Pipe Dream”

First off, for those who haven’t checked it out, peep it here.
Any description we write to explain the video, won’t do the justice. just watch »

Chris Ray, Director of Photography, Deven Stephens, Director, and Martin Fobes, the Shreditor, who stitched it all together, have been teasing us since March.-And they’re all men of their word, we couldn’t squeeze much outta them.

 DC Family, The masterminds behind the project and friends.

DC Family, The masterminds behind the project and friends.

The premier was hosted at the Shore Break Hotel right in the heart of Huntington, CA.

The premiere showcased Robbie’s bike, uniform, his new shoe, and massive prints that wrapped around the whole venue, really setting the vibe.


Seeing the elements close up really threw things into perspective. The torn sleeves, thrashed bike, and duct tape holding his kit together really showed the hours that were put in.

The crowd filled with action sports elite, DC’s family & friends, and Robbie’s closest all eagerly waited.

The edit has a beautiful mixture of laughter and intensity, the goosebumps were coming and going, the crowd goin’ off the whole time.

The project was shot on RED, Phantom, Sony Action Cam, Panasonic's GH4, DJI's Inspire, all fitted with Canon glass.

Martin Fobes, who cut the piece, was telling us that every time Robbie had bailed, the bike sank and flooded out -making it un-ridable. They had to rebuild the bike each and every time. Shot over the course of 3 weeks on location in Tahiti, the DC team pulled it off and made the impossible, possible. *insert fist bump enjoy here* :)

Great work all around guys, the internet loves it and thanks for bringing us out. 
Be on the look out, they're releasing a behind the scenes video in 2 weeks!
For more on the project visit »

 Photo by: Deven Stephens

Photo by: Deven Stephens