Chrilleks Productions Inc. Proudly Welcomes 
the RED EPIC w/ the DRAGON SENSOR to our family.

Providing the highest production value to date.
Here’s a brief run-down on why
this powerhouse is an essential part in today’s filmmaking.

The Red Epic w/ the DRAGON Sensor paired together pushes the limits on what you can cinematically capture in both, cinematic and photographic worlds. Attention to detail is a crucial step in the film making process, and The DRAGON’s 35mm sensor does just that. The Red Epic w/ the DRAGON Sensor shoots up to 6K in resolution, that’s 9x more pixels than a high-def camera, virtually having no competition on the market.


The duo allows our team to capture the highest frame rates at breath taking resolutions. Having a large sensor gives us limitless exploration, letting us dial into our digital files for any look you’re wanting to achieve. -taking the digital edge off as if it were shot on film. Whether your project is online based or for the box office, this tool delivers and you’ll see the benefits on any project you throw our way.

The combo works together capturing more vibrant colours, with higher frame rates and a dynamic range covering up to 20 stops. Less light is needed allowing us to shoot in darker environments and capture motion more flawlessly. Screen grabs from raw footage seen below.

These elements combined with picture quality and our creativity leaves every option open. Chrilleks Production Inc. can now provide the highest production value to our clients. -a real heart warming feeling. From the beginning stages of production to the final wrap, Chrilleks Productions Inc. is equipped with the latest tech to help this Rolls-Royce run.

And we’re happy to provide it to you.
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Thank you, Let's Roll.
Chrilleks Team