Earlier this week we paired up with Red Bull's Emily Batty and received a firsthand look at this years "Race The Place" held on October 3rd in Toronto's own, Ontario Place.

Ontario Place had been abandoned since 2011. The "Race The Place" event is a rare opportunity for riders to race Toronto's iconic amusement park. In 2014, for the first time since it closed, Ontario Place opened it's doors to Red Bull's first "Race the Place" event. The thrill and challenges of urban cycling hooked riders. It's a 3.7km race through the island with a ton of tricky turns and unique features, an adrenaline packed event for sure.  Learn more about the event and register HERE.

Read up on more info and see the website spread here on redbull.com

Our advice... watch out for those hairpin turns and keep focused it's hard not to get distracted!