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If you’ve been following the Chrilleks network you probably caught word that we recently trekked it out to Middle Earth. We were on location to work closely with Shotover Camera’s New Zealand team to produce a stack of content for them. Don’t let the beautiful landscapes blur your vision, there’s some serious tech behind these guys, and they’re doin’ it the right way.

 Shotover NZ HQ

Shotover NZ HQ

The Shotover systems are used by the most prestigious in filmmaking, their top notch client list can prove just that. Based in LA and New Zealand, Shotover offers camera systems for high end productions in commercial, film, and television. The systems can be mounted on anything and everything. The light weight design makes it compatible with camera cranes, and any type of vehicle on land, water and air. 

Both models, the K1 and the F1, are wrapped in a slick carbon fibre shell, and packed with a beast of an interior. The K1 takes on the heavy weight, which can fit any camera system you throw at it. -2D, 3D, HD, Ultra HD, you name it. Where as it’s baby brother, The F1, fits a single camera body, but designed having the same precision.

Shotover was developed by the most respected engineers, pilots, and cinematographers within the industry, built by innovators for the innovators. What makes the Shotover systems rise from the rest is the 6 Axis Gyro Stabilization behind it. You can virtually grab any shot at any angle with precision, making the creative process fluid. The details invested in the technology puts everything at ease. And let’s not forget Shotover’s exceptional customer service available 24/7 - 365.

Another major point on what makes these systems so unique, is that any camera + lens combination can be fitted with the systems. Camera technology is always in full rotation, constantly evolving, so no matter what the change, Shotover is always up to par.

The camera systems hold the horizon at all times, which means when your aircraft has turbulence, or when your boat floats over waves, the system knows the position of the horizon, making the camera level at all times no matter what terrain your vehicle is motoring through.
You can see it in the demo we cut here: 

Operating with these systems first hand is top of the ladder. The respect of shooting from a helicopter is definitely gained. The combination of movement, co-ordinating with the pilot, your team, and the talent, takes a lot of focus.

When your head is buried in the onboard monitor you sometimes loose your bearings. Quickly pop your head out, check your surroundings, gather your position, direct the pilot and subject below, then dive right back into rolling camera. Skill is very key in situations like these.

A few flights around the South Island, you get a better understanding of all the benefits these systems offer. During our visit the prime minster of New Zealand, John Key and entourage, stopped by the Shotover Offices to get a better understanding about the systems, the feedback he gave was nothing short of amazement, his team was throughly impressed. 

So whats next for these guys.. They pretty much hit it right outta the park. -Right. 
They released the Shotover HYDRA a couple days before we touched down in NZ, so we had a chance to chat with the brains behind it.

“..It’s the only multi-camera solution that can be set up in hours rather than days.”
— Alan Purwin, SHOTOVER President
 Photo: Shotover

Photo: Shotover

The Shotover Hydra holds 6 RED Epics, allowing you to stitch together each of the six 6K Ultra High Def images for panoramic use. The use of dynamic range, high resolution creates background plates for visual effect artists. The artists can virtually pan, tilt, manipulate the image instead of creating the environment, eliminating cost and time. The 36K resolution has 150° field of view with no distortion. Embedded meta data paired with GPS + Camera specs, make the animation process fluid.

 Photo: Alan Purwin

Photo: Alan Purwin


The Shotover team steps up it’s own game by rigging the HYDRA system on a 150ft cable suspended below the heli. This method allows the camera to capture up close and personal shots in the most demanding environments, with a safe method. The 2016 blockbuster, Tarzan was the first production to use this method and the results will prove to be astounding.

With credits including Jurassic World, Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Transformers 4, The Interview, San Andreas, Ride Along 2, Robo Cop, Pixels, Magic Mike 2 and 50 Shades of Grey
Chances are, you’ve seen the Shotover’s work in action. 

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-Chrilleks Team.