Life lessons, How do you teach them? 
Start at a young age with something kids can relate to. 
Skateboarding has taught me a number of things, and here are just a few..

These 8 elements have stayed with me since I was 8 years old. They continue with me each and everyday. Skateboarding has shown me everything. Lifestyles to lessons, music and art, and all the way to sport and culture. They were available for me to explore, and to pave my own path.


1. Persistence.

Skateboarding has taught me at a very young age that nothing comes easy, you gotta work for it. If you want it, earn it. If you fail, try again. Then try once more no matter how hard it hurts to get up. 

Mountain View

2. Respect.

Peers, People, the sport, and just about everything else. 
Nothing comes easy in skateboarding, you can have fun, but at risk. Skateboarding is freeing, the time invested in translates to fun, but don't get too cocky, you might catch a rock and trip.
Respect the board. 

Mountain View
Mountain View

3. Style is Everything.

Skateboarding is for everyone, styles, genders, races, tricks, stance, obstacles, are all equal. 
If you like a certain skater, that's cool. If you like to be associated with the top elite skaters, wear those brands. If you'd like to thrash around and be a punk, that's cool too. Either way.. if you have a board in hand or under you're feet, we're cool with that, because it's your style.

..unless it's a long board, get outta here dude..

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4. Exploration.

Skateboarding has taken me through-out the world. That sense of exploration to find new spots, and places to ride, still lives with me when I'm off my board. It's now apart of me because I started at a young age. I always want to see something new, scope new environments and share them through photos and videos.

Mountain View
Mountain View

5. Youth.

I'm 26 years old, but I feel like I'm 12 every time I set foot on a board.
Skateboarding keeps me young.

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6. Creative Mind.

Everything that surrounds you is art. It's pretty amazing what can come from a street curb.

Mountain View
Mountain View

7. Teamwork.

Just because your buddies landed tricks cleaner than you, didn't mean you hold any grudges. 
You applaud them because you understand their struggle, you build together, stoked.
And don't worry, they'll return the stoke when it's your turn.

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8. Fitness.

It kept me in shape over the years. 
Buy em a board instead of an iPad, Mom and Dad. -You'll thank me later.

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