This goes for any person reading this on your tablet, laptop, phone or computer.
The opportunity you have, just outside your door speaks volumes.  


Open the door and chase what you want. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.  
I promise you. 

We’ve grown as a society to understand that Mondays suck. WHY? 
The fact that you have a job to attend to on Monday morning proves just that.
We live so comfortably that we oversee what we have right at our finger tips:  
24/7 stores, transit systems, devices, free wifi zones, libraries..

Delicious food..
..delivered right to your door.


Hate your job? Don’t quit, work towards a change.
Get promoted, Get motivated. Get a list of “TO DO’s” going and GET TO WORK. 
Do whatever you need to do to move forward. There's really no excuse.

We've all won the lottery, so don't put it to waste.
Your opportunity is out there.
Focus on what you have, then what you COULD have.
Never mind the bumps ahead.