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Hippeas : Organic Chickpea Snacks

We showcased a brand’s identity and passion through video


Content Development






Chrilleks launched Hippeas’ first campaign as the first agency to work with them. As they were a new brand, they trusted our expertise and experience to execute a video campaign that would sell their product.


 Hippeas used our video to become stocked in every Starbucks in America, bringing them huge success and a step closer to becoming a household name.

Our solution was to tap into Hippea’s fun and wholesome brand identity to source locations that fitted their personality. In just under two weeks, we storyboarded, sourced, and shot the entire video production and created additional assets for all social media platforms.

Content repurposed in every area

Hippeas also used our content to share their story in internal sales meetings, highlight reels, brand heats and year end video recaps.

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