Kylie Cosmetics

The Bold and the Beautiful

Kylie Cosmetics by Kylie Jenner is one of the fastest growing beauty brands in the world. Kylie’s never-before-seen concept disrupted the market and changed the face of the beauty industry forever. Kylie has since gone on to expand the collection into a full range of color cosmetics, including eyeshadow palettes, concealers, highlighters, blushes, accessories and more, as well as becoming one of the most renowned and coveted cosmetics brands of 2018. 

Here's what Kylie selected:


Kylie Jenner


Los Angeles, CA

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Snackable Content

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Hero videos included a behind the scenes look, coverage of the entire event, with additional footage uploaded to her website. The Hero Video was formatted to Instagram Stories, Posts and Web Video. 

In addition: Chrilleks supplied footage to the Television Network, E! for Kylie's Show "The Life of Kylie" which aired shortly after her Pop-Up.


Kylie posted Chrilleks' teaser on her personal feed.

Shopify curated site showcasing the entire Kylie Pop-up Experience.


The call back.

The Kylie Pop Up Truck

The following year Kylie kept things moving with a fresh and different approach: A glammed out pop-up shop on wheels, curbside at The Grove. Selling out product with a massive turn out. Micro Content & Video Content were provided on location, generating awareness, engagement, and product giveaways. All our content was released at the hottest retail season of the year, Christmas.

Kylie Cosmetics

The Bold and the Beautiful

Providing Kylie and her team with video, photo for her social media networks and stories. Numbers surpassing the 7.5 million mark in likes and views. Our content coverage included: awareness leading up to the event, event coverage, behind the scenes of the entire production from start to finish, bill boards spread across Los Angeles, and visuals for exterior displays in populated areas. 

Our content was showcased through-out Kylie's websites. Driving traffic and supporting sales, cross promoting her "Pop-Up" and Online Shops.



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