Breckenridge, Colorado
Long Beach, California

Mountain Dew brought the Chrilleks Team on to capture the world’s best in skate, ski, and snowboard.
With 5 days on location, shooting within the elements, our team pumped out 35 hand-made Cinemagraphs that captured the intensity and adrenaline of Mountain Dew's DewTour. 

All branding was effectively highlighted at each obstacle, course, mountain, village, after parties and award ceremonies. These Cinemagraphs aimed to simultaneously inspire, while promoting all brands and sponsorships tied to the event with an unbeatable turn around time of less than 6hrs pipelining straight to the dew Social Networks.

Here's what Mountain Dew selected:

Snackable Content

Handmade. No 3rd Party Apps. 100% Creativity. All of this content was organically handmade with no guest appearances from 3rd party apps. Straight from camera » computer » social networks. Combining this raw approach with a consistent distribution throughout the entirety of the 2017 DewTour events, allowed for engagement that was both huge and hugely positive.

Snackable Content : Cinemagraphs

A Cinemagraph is a blend between motion and photo content. Thumb stopping content, it stops the viewer right in their tracks in the busy social game. Mountain Dew approached us with the Winter Events of Dew Tour, in Breckenridge, Co then called us back for their Summer event in Long Beach, California.

With the social success of the winter tour, Mountain Dew invited our teams back for their Summer Tour, where we worked with Skateboardings finest and developed yet another series of Cinemagraphs.



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