Aleks Lason on the Powerful Ladies Podcast

[Los Angeles, California]: Aleks Lason and the Powerful Ladies Podcast

She co-founded Chrilleks with her husband Chris eight years ago and now has a thriving business. They have offices in Toronto and L.A., with teams across North America. Aleks shares her journey from the first year in business, and landing one of the largest retailers in Canada, to now being at the forefront of branded content with an ever-expanding menu of client offerings. They ARE your marketing department’s secret weapon!

“I don’t think I would have discovered who I was if I hadn’t started this company. I used to always walk around saying ‘I want to be this Boss Ass Bitch, taking care of business’ and I think this company gave me that confidence” - Aleks Lason

She tells of an adventure with successes, roller-coasters, the ups and downs of learning how to run a business and maintain your passion. No growth comes without struggles. Perseverance, passion, and dedication - the key components that helped Aleks learn who she was and what she could accomplish.

Many thanks to everyone at Powerful Ladies Podcast for allowing the opportunity to share a story of a double-immigrant with trials, bumps, and ultimate successes.

To listen to the Podcast, click here.

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