Aleksandra Lason Launches Podcast: SAY HELLO

Chrilleks Productions' VP & Executive In Charge of Production, Aleksandra Lason launches her side project under the Chrilleks umbrella. SAY HELLO is a weekly podcast that seeks to unite and inspire curious audience via the stories, opinions, experiences and accomplishments of influential women. 

Aleksandra Lason the curious entrepreneur, will dig into the minds and hearts of individuals who have blazed their own path, challenged the status quo, and who continue to make their mark on the world through their intelligence, passion and fortitude, from business owners, brand managers and advocates of social change, to opinion leaders, influencers, athletes and beyond. 

“This is my oppertunity to give back in my own small way, I want this podcast to Inform, inspire and motivate women around the world”

— Aleksandra Lason

Each episode will discuss the guest's success stories as well as the challenges they have encountered: the hard days, balancing having children, dealing with divorce, marriage, dating life, social life (or lack of) failed business moves and why they made the choices they did. 

Less a lecture and more an intimate conversation, SAY HELLO is an honest, non judgmental opportunity to learn from and support one another. If you're an entrepreneur starting your first business related at all, you just want to hear how other women dominate, fail, get back up and just plainly kick butt, SAY HELLO is the place to join the conversation. 

Listen here.

Music provided by Erik Groysman


Toronto | Los Angeles 213.700.8130 

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