Beautifully Broken

I can’t believe It’s been almost a year since this journey ended ..I found myself graduating one

day and working with the big leagues the next. Today, almost a year ago the two year journey of

“Beautifully Broken: The Life and Work of Rafael Goldchain” documentary ended. Beautifully Broken had already been premiered at Sheridan College, Deluxe and aired on TVO in May of 2013 but I was asked to write a blog on my experiences

Aleksandra Lason; Researcher. TVO Blog "Taking a Risk" 

May 17, 2013

College wasn’t an easy process, sleepless nights, low budgets, and a bunch of red lights especially when I took the documentary route. I remember not knowing all the answers, being confused almost all the time but I pretended and powered through, …boy did I ever power through. The only person that noticed was my documentary teacher, Vladimir Kabelik. I don’t know what he was thinking when he asked for my help on "Beautifully Broken" two years ago. Yes, I spoke Polish but I failed every written exam Vlad had ever given me. Beautifully Broken had to travel to Poland. Vlad needed my help to find someone in the country that can be the production’s eyes and ears. I had to organize hotels, find old documents, locate old buildings and streets that could have possibly been blown up during World War II. I had arranged for a driver and a historian to travel along with the team. The historian was able to grant us access to old photos, documents and maps. There was one problem, I couldn’t find anyone English speaking who I trusted to take care of the production and team in Poland. I’ll never forget how nervous I was calling Vlad after a list of attempts and telling him the bad news but I hated to think I might have disappointed someone I admired. So without thinking I listed off reasons why I should be the one to go with them – what was I getting myself into?! Vlad took some time to think about it and on Graduation Day he handed me a plane ticket.That ticket was a chance, an opportunity, proof that sometimes taking a risk on someone so young was worth it. So you can imagine how bitter sweet this all must feel. I can’t believe the end is here. We’ve worked so hard for the past two years and now the puzzle is complete. Literally tomorrow my two year rollercoaster adventure finishes. Thank you to the people I was so lucky enough to work with and thank you for allowing me to join you on this unforgettable journey.But most of all thank you Vlad and Marc Cohen for believing in me and taking the risk, when I didn’t think I could do it.

Thank you,

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Aleks, Chrilleks Team


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