Bike Helmets You'd Actually Want to Wear.

Thousand Helmets, the adult anti-theft guarantee bike helmet.

Safety… everybody needs it! ..and oftentimes it’s not that cool. Until now!

Chrilleks is working alongside Thousand to meet their goal of making safety seamless. Together our teams have captured over 450 content assets for the website, online lookbooks, social media and e-commerce platforms for 2020. Chrilleks was invited in on the opportunity to join in partnership between Thousand x Dazey LA - in Thousands “Be a local” series: A spotlight on the local business in and around the Los Angeles areas.

Chrilleks provides video content and photo content to help Thousand reach their goals.

See more of our work together here.

About Thousand: Thousand makes thoughtfully designed bike helmets and aims to make safety seamless to get you moving. To find out more, click here.


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