Black Friday meets Innovation

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Black Friday is THE LARGEST event for retail that spreads worldwide. Deals, bargains, give-a-ways, and excitement abounds on Black Friday as the first big shopping day anticipating Christmas.

Shopify reported a MASSIVE $2.9 billion, yes.. billion with a B, in sales. With 25.5 million buyers in 175 countries in over four days for #BlackFriday and #CyberMonday 🤯🤯🤯

Gymshark, being the leading merchant on the Shopify platform, broke a record of THE most check out’s per minute on the Shopify platform.

With retail comes products, with products comes #content

Gymshark trusted Chrilleks to manage and produce their LARGEST campaign to date. Here at Chrilleks we do not take that lightly. It is a VERY important role with a HUGE responsibility and a crucial aspect to making so many sales.

Sourcing the right location at the right time, allocating talent, influencers, athletes and production crew is a fine dance. Photography and Video shooting happening simultaneously under one roof. Chrilleks' COO, Aleksandra Lason, overseeing it all.

Content = Awareness = Sales

“We’ve officially shipped over 1 million units in less than 3 days!”

- Ben Francis, Gymshark Founder

Engaging content, creative concepts with a dash of influence most definitely supported, but most of all, teamwork made this a success. With all hands on deck, the late hours flourished into a unified accomplishment for everyone involved.

Through working closely with elite brands, Chrilleks’ content creation gets 75% more engagement for their clients than the rest. Engaging content beats any hashtag, algorithm, or SEO every time.

When it’s authentic and true, it shows. ..and your audience knows it.

Here’s a behind the scenes of what went down on the big night at Gymshark’s HQ in the UK.

Chrilleks is proud to help support Gymshark’s Team in their biggest campaigns to date.

A massive congratulations to the Gymshark Family.

A behind the scenes on the day:

About Gymshark: Gymshark Is A Fitness Apparel & Accessories Brand, Manufacturer And Online Retailer Based In The United Kingdom, Supported By Millions Of Highly Engaged Social Media Followers And Customers In 131 Countries. For more information, visit


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