Chrilleks and CAA Partner to Spread Appreciation

[Toronto, Canada]: Chrilleks and Canadian Automobile Association create a partnership to thank CAA Members Nationwide.

In the making for almost a year, Chrilleks is excited to announce their partnership to help CAA thank their clients and show benefits of membership.

“We wanted to create these videos to THANK our Members for being with us along the way and showcase the benefits of being a Member to those who consider joining. CAA Rewards offers a wide variety of exclusive discounts and offers that you can use in your everyday life from visiting attractions, travel, dining, shopping and so much more. Who doesn’t like saving?” Dina Fernandes, Manager, Partnership Programs CAA

Members matter most and knowing this, 90% of the cast are members of CAA. Utilizing those who understand the value of the program brought this project closer to home for everyone.

Chrilleks, being the only none traditional agency partnering with CAA, is honored to be apart of this journey, allowing them to show appreciation to all members while highlighting the value and benefits. Collaboration, coordination, and communication were the keys to success while working with 60 talent and 30 partners and location.

"As CAA members from the age of 16, we didn’t realize half the programs and discounts available to us, so we set off to change that for the next generation. The truth is, it's difficult to break the traditional corporate mold and we were able to find that perfect balance. We feel so honored that CAA trusted Chrilleks’ vision." Aleksandra Lason, Vice President, Chrilleks

Honored to be a part of this ambitious project, and joined together with a common goal, Chrilleks breathed life into a production unlike any other one that has ever been done by CAA.

Chrilleks is excited to continue to grow and build relationships, both new and old, and continue to bring visions and dreams to reality.

About Chrilleks: Chrilleks began 2011 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In 2016, Chrilleks expanded to Los Angeles, California. Chrilleks specializes in custom branded content for digital platforms. For more information, visit

About CAA: One of the largest consumer-based organizations in Canada, CAA helps provide freedom and peace of mind to over 6 million members. For more information, visit


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