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[Los Angeles, California]: Chrilleks and DC Shoes

DC Shoes caught the likes of Chrilleks' President and Executive Creative Director, Chris Grubisa, side project "Be Right Back Creating Something". His creativity and ability to capture unique moments lead to a commission for multiple creative campaigns for DCShoes.

His creative eye and keen sense for all things branding, video and photo bring to life a rare viewing experience.

You brand is your story, DC Shoes' story takes place in the heart of Los Angeles.

Learn more about how Chrilleks works with DC Shoes, click here.

About Chrilleks: Chrilleks began 2011 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In 2016, Chrilleks expanded to Los Angeles, California. Chrilleks specializes in custom branded content for digital platforms. For more information, visit

About DC Shoes: DC Shoes specializes in footwear for sports and also manufactures apparel, bags, accessories, hats, shirts, and posters. For more information, visit


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