How High Level Content Benefits Your Brand.

It goes without saying that content is an essential part of your brand’s marketing efforts. Communicating effectively with your fanbase is crucial, and digital discourse, led by creative content, is at the heart of the brand-consumer conversation. As of 2017, consumers are spending nearly five hours on their smart phones every day—that’s a lot of time spent of clicking, scrolling, and swiping. This is where quality content comes in. In order to stand out in the ever-updating newsfeed, quality content—high level media that is innovative, thoughtful, meticulous, and consistent—is the best way to engage, retain, and grow your audience.

Quality content enhances brand exposure and reach.

Your brand’s digital platforms provide direct communication with your audience and quality content is integral to transforming your customers into your community. Whether it’s video, micro, snackable, or long-form, as long as you release creative content designed to intrigue, you are engaging an audience that appreciates genuine, considered content. And this drives organic likes, comments, and shares—educating and entertaining your existing fanbase as well as reaching new people to bring into your wheelhouse.

It creates customer loyalty and drives retention.

Companies that post consistent, quality content have repeat visitors to their social accounts and websites. When your audience knows that your brand regularly posts news, videos, and photos, they check your channels often in order to stay up to date. Interaction is also increased: More than 150 million Instagram users chat with businesses through direct messages each month and a third of those messages initiated because of an Instagram story. The more connected your audience is with your brand, products, and initiatives, the more likely they are to buy what you’re selling.

And that directly increases the bottom line.

When your content captures the attention of your audience, it’s an opportunity for a purchase. In 2018, when DCL Skincare updated their Instagram account with quality content, within a week 80% of their site traffic was coming directly from the app. In the U.S. alone, 76% of consumers have purchased a product that they saw in a brand’s social post. Different social platforms offer individual e-commerce solutions (like Instagram’s shoppable tagging), which provide easy click-thru from content to check out. Catering your media to scrolling shoppers has never been more effective.

It’s easier to create quality content than you think.

It can be daunting thinking about populating a month’s-worth of content across all of your digital platforms. That is why partnering with a knowledgeable team to bank content Is so important: one shoot can create enough social content for an entire quarter. That’s a massive return for a single production. The more plug-and-play content you have ready at your disposal, the more streamlined and effective your entire strategy is.

The bottom line: it pays to invest.

Working with an experienced content team ensures that there is ample attention on your digital platforms. Planning and executing a succinct strategy is second-nature to veteran content makers and this benefits both your workflow and your brand’s digital presence. As social and digital media continue to shape the we way we communicate, absorb information, and make purchases, investing in content is investing in long-term success.


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