Our VP Aleksandra Lason shares her side of the Chrilleks Story

Our VP and Executive In Charge of Digital Production, Aleksandra Lason was invited by The Brave Ones Podcast to speak about her brave story. Aleks and host Olivia McLeod talk about the start up phase of Chrilleks working out of Chris' parents basement to landing a big contract with the largest retail company in Canada. This is Aleks' first ever very honest interview speaking about the challenges Chrilleks faced and the backbreaking process of expending to the US.

The Brave Ones Mission: Most people think that bravery means being fearless. But here's the thing--nobody is fearless. Fear is part of our biology, and we are all thriving even though we are inherently afraid. Here at The Brave Ones, we believe that being brave means being terrified to do something, but doing it anyway. Each week, we invite a brave person onto our podcast to tell their story. With each brave story, our hope is that our listeners will see how possible it is to be brave and realize how they are already brave themselves.


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