Shopify & Apple utilize Chrilleks' Content Packages for Product Launch.

Chrilleks is proud to announce our latest video, in works with Shopify and Apple.

Canadian commerce company, Shopify, has announced they have added support for AR Quick Look, one of Apple’s new features from ARKit 2, which is now live with Apple’s iOS 12.

What is AR? AR stands for “Augmented Reality” it’s integration of digital information with the user's environment in real time. It allows you to see objects through your phone in your current setting, see image below.

When you introduce product into AR, you can immediately see the product in your own hands at home. A bike for example, you can see up close details of the features. Simple questions can now be answered: Can this bike fit in my studio apartment?

Chrilleks was asked to create a launch video that lives on the Shopify and Apple Networks. A proud moment for our entire team at Chrilleks. The video gained exposure on many heavy hitting tech websites, boosting view counts and captivating Shopify Merchants instantly.

The update is now available for integrations for the 600,000 merchants currently on their platform.

The future of commerce. Chrilleks is proud to provide our services to clients like Shopify and Apple. To learn more about this collaboration, visit our work page. To learn more about Chrilleks' content packages and how we can help your business grow, please visit our packages page.


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