Snackable Content: Why it is valuable.

Since the term Snackable Content first hit the greater marketing consciousness, it has been a favorite phrase when describing short-form, quick-hit media designed for easy audience digestion. It’s eye-catching, it’s interesting, and it’s important for your social strategy. But wait—what exactly is snackable content?

Let’s break it down. Snackable content is, first and foremost, engaging content. And it’s short. Very short. As in, five seconds or less. (So that means that 15-second teasers, 30-second videos, and most Instagram stories are all too long to be snackable!)

Snackable content is very short, easily-digestible photo-video hybrids that are creative, clever, and visually intriguing.

Wait! Photo-video hybrids?

Think a still image infused with special motion effects or the frames of a video edited in a unique way. Snackable content is where video and photo combine forces to become even more visually creative. Need a few examples? Time lapses, Cinemagraphs, digital flip books, boomerangs, and any other very short-form, creative moving picture that stands- out and is captivating.

Creativity is paramount because snackable content is defined by its re-watchability. A quality snackable social morsel entices the viewer to pay attention as the media loops multiple times— even though this process takes less than a minute, it is enough to stop the infinite scroll, pay attention, and pique interest. This is because snackable content is engaging. Our brains get a sense of a visual scene in less than 1/10th of a second, so snackable content capitalizes on that lightning-speed processing to capture attention—and retain it.

Because that’s the goal: Snackable content is designed to draw in the viewer to want to see more. It’s an opportunity to create intrigue for your longer-form content, be it full videos, news, blogs, photo galleries, or other posts. Snackable content is the bite-sized morsel that draws your audience in, looking for more.

And here’s where quality content comes in. Just because snackable is, by definition, very brief, that doesn’t mean it’s not thoughtfully created and curated. Quality snackable content shows creativity and ingenuity. The best snackable bites are the ones that leave your audience going, “How did they do that?!”—moving images that make them want to see and find out more. It’s not that attention spans are short, it’s just that you need to provoke intrigue to capture that attention.

So, be creative. Be considered. And build out a Snackable content strategy that adds layers of rich media to your brand’s presence in the social space. Snackable content is an area of your digital presence that you can have a lot of fun with while engaging your audience in a highly effective way.


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