Why thoughtful, well-executed photo and video is integral to your brand’s success.

Your audience is made up of consumers who dig deeper into the purchasing experience than ever before: they want to immerse themselves in the culture of your brand and are eager to align their values with the companies they support. Because of this, consistent communication with your audience is integral to the success of your brand.

But what does that look like?

This is where quality content comes in, offering a creative and effective way to convey your brand ethos, growing engagement, interaction, and your bottom line.

Quality content comes in many forms: Youtube videos, Instagram stories, product shots, teasers, cinemagraphs, blog posts, Facebook galleries—the list goes on. Regardless of what kind of update you create, one thing ties together the best content: it’s made with consideration and planning, high level execution, and attention to detail. These elements elevate every day content to quality content, allowing your brand to grow your audience and develop a community of people who not only purchase what you sell, but who are committed to the lifestyle you present.

Let’s break it down.

Why should quality content be an important part of your marketing strategy?

It’s how people engage. As of 2017, Americans spend five hours per day on their smartphones—a number that has increased 69% year-over-year. That’s a lot of time scrolling. Instagram and Facebook are ubiquitous forms of entertainment and information. These are the places that consumers discover news, ideas, and products. This is where they connect.

It’s a mainline to direct consumer communication. Quality content can inspire, educate, enlighten, and entertain—and it keeps people coming back for more because they want to be part of the conversation that you’re creating.

Stand-out content makes you stand out.

Consumers know when they’re being marketed to. Which means that the content you show your followers must be really good—great. —so they feel confident buying into what you’re promoting.

..How do you do this?

Well, you can start by collaborating with an expert team (ahem). Focus on setting a tone, staying true to your aesthetic, and dedicating time to producing photos, video and more that work together toward your overall brand strategy.

This creates brand allegiance. When you showcase quality content, your audience will keep coming back for more...racking up the likes, the views, and #contentmarketinggoals: the shares. Quality content is, at its best, shareable content, prompting organic distribution throughout individual consumers’ networks. More awareness and interest coupled with continued quality content transforms followers into customers. This is called social proof. Audience members that are engaged with your content become advocates and ambassadors of your brand. And the cycle continues.

It’s how consumers purchase. Your content draws people in, so why not then make it easy for them to buy? In 2018, when DCL Skincare updated their Instagram account with quality content, within a week, 80% of their site traffic was coming directly from that app. Capitalize on scrolling-and-shopping. Various platforms have specific tools (like Instagram’s shoppable tagging) to further enhance posts so buying is streamlined, making it easy to turn waiting in line or killing time before class an opportunity for a purchase.

Quality content makes your brand look even better. In today’s marketplace, consumers want to be a part of your brand identity and part of a community of purchasers who are unified by their belief in what you provide. Keep your audience in the know with thoughtful updates that promote interaction, appreciation, and of course, sharing to potential new fans. Each piece of quality content showcases your brand identity and further drives home that what you’re offering is much more than just a product or service, it’s something everyone wants to be a part of.


About Chrilleks: Chrilleks began 2011 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In 2016, Chrilleks expanded to Los Angeles, California. Chrilleks specializes in custom branded content for digital platforms. For more information, visit


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