Why you should stock up on quality content.

On the surface, social media seems so effortless. A beautiful photo here, an intriguing video there—but as we all know, the time it takes to create and post stunning images and engaging videos is nothing to underestimate. We’ve all experience the scramble to find something to post on Instagram or Facebook when we need to communicate with customers—it’s not fun and it doesn’t usually result in the quality messaging we strive for.

There’s a better way to do things introducing: content banking. Content banking is an easy-to-execute strategy (as long as you have the right content creation team to collaborate with, of course!) that allows you to collect a myriad of photos, videos, snackable content, copy, and more for posting, promotion, and distribution when you need it.

What is content banking?

Content banking means utilizing specific opportunities, like events or planned shoots, to create and collect a large amount of photos, videos, and words that you can spread out over your various channels over time. This means that when it’s time to put up a blog or post on Instagram, you’re never searching for quality content, it’s right there when you need it.

What are the benefits of content banking? Well, most importantly, it makes your life easier by streamlining a workflow in which the content you need is available when you need it. With social media users demanding updates in a constant stream to their devices, having accessible imagery, stories, videos, and information is paramount to being able to communicate with your audience and foster an engaged community.

It’s the best way to align your content with your brand strategy. When you focus a shoot around a particular theme, location, or message in order to stockpile weeks or months or a quarter of content, you are ensuring that your campaign will be focused and perfectly represent your overall plan. Content banking allows you to plan ahead and make sure every piece of content, from big to small, fits seamlessly with your brand’s ethos and agenda.

It allows you to plan ahead. Scheduling the arc of your brand’s social media may seem like a pain, but being able to do so will further decrease your workload, making it so you never have to scramble to figure out what to post and when to post it. Having a bank of content allows you to look at the big picture: what you’re putting out there and how you’re doing it, to make sure you get the most out of your quality content, from specific campaigns to more generalized photos and videos that reinforce your brand identity.

OK, how do you do it?

This is where we come in. We work together to define your content needs. Are you looking for Instagram posts and stories to sell your product? Videos and photos for a season-specific launch? Blogs to announce news, products, and events? A consistent and clean social identity that reinforces your brand strategy? However big or small, we work with you to determine the scope of your shoot (or shoots): single location, multiple location, recurring monthly or by quarter. Whatever works best for your business. After collecting the content, we edit, formulate, and create to deliver a package organized with everything you need to have a well- stocked content bank of your own. Really, it’s that easy.

Learn to pair and bundle our packages for extra savings. Learn more about content banking click the green plus button.


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