Winning with Content

In partnership with Maple Business Council, Chrilleks has been a member since September 2018. Chris Grubisa, President and CEO of Chrilleks, details how he and his team are successfully operating a sport branding agency in Los Angeles and winning with content.

Working with world-class brands and athletes since 2016, find out how the partnership with Maple Business Council has helped him and his team grow their business and navigate the challenges of managing business in both Toronto and LA.

“We believe that our team at Chrilleks are athletes in our own way. Our team constantly thinks strategy; we practice daily and take action. The projects we work on are our game nights. Our support staff in legal, our accounting teams, our crews, and internal teams, allow us to perform to the best of our ability for all of us to win. It’s a unique way of operating, and the energy is just right.”

Read Chris’ perspective on sharing an athlete’s personal story, and why it’s crucial. This is an article that will inspire you and provide you with unique insights behind the successes and journey of Chrilleks and Professional Sport. To read the entire article, click here.


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